Joe Vitterbo… Some Z picture character name for an “artistic” creature with a blurry outline!

JOE VITTERBO likes to play music. From noisy ones as a band-member to the grooviest sounds, using samples, beats and scratches.

He likes to draw disfigured faces on rough paper, and he sometimes exhibits them. He also likes to turn his pictures into images, often in black and white. Sometimes he even enjoys doing silkscreen prints at home, or making cheap videos. He even likes organizing concerts for friends’ bands.

Basically, Joe likes doing things in a DIY fashion, as much as he can.

His first public appearance dates back to 2004 with the release of a first album called 7 ½ tries. This record was composed on an Atari 1040STF and a S2000 sampler, then burned and slipped into handmade sleeves and distributed for free to anyone who was willing to listen to some music hesitating between hip-hop and noisy lo-fi electro, halfway between a 1996 DJ Shadow and Fugazi.

As a follow-up to this disc, he released Blind in 2006, a record that was produced in the same conditions and with the same equipment, just a little more defective. It was a commissioned album, composed with the help of emergency and the night as an illustration of an ephemeral and friendly “artistic” installation. 45 minutes of dark, noisy, ambient electro.

This record was smuggled from Italy to Poland. Two of its tracks appeared on the CHARIVARI 2 compilation of l’Artiisant Prod.

All along this time, Joe dedicated himself to noise-rock in the band DUPEK.
He even became a member of a Death Metal band, during the recording of an album, the shooting of a video and a tour that included a gig at the HellFest festival.
Does that sound a bit weird? Nope. He just doesn’t want to limit his musical experience or spend too much time asking himself questions. Yes, one can like Dilated Peoples AND The Ex.

2011. Between two sketches or silkscreen prints for records sleeves, Joe turned his sampler back on. Meanwhile the Atari is enjoying a peaceful retirement and has yielded its place to some equipment progress.

Firstly, this comeback was motivated by a collaboration with Gran Kino, in the context of their new show 1989.

He created musical interludes, inserted voice-overs… VItterbo appears in the credits of this album along with many guests such as Calexico, Hint, GW Sok (The Ex), Les Tambours du Bronx, Damny (La Phaze), Matador, Pape Dieye, David Courtin.

Then, he came back for a re reading of Blind, which was ill-treated, transformed and finally totally reinvented for , a Dance show by contemporary dancer Amanda Bouilloux. This resulted in a 35-minute sound piece for an encounter between the body, words and noisy superimpositions…  

 Finally, this comeback resulted in the release, in July 2012, of a third solo album, called



23 tracks, 46 minutes and 44 seconds of instrumental hip-hop based on samples, beats, some keyboards and scratch, proudly calling for the influence of the mid-90’s.

23 tracks on which, for once, he dares not to hide his love for the groove behind a noisy, lo-fi production and be a beat maker in his own right.

This album was released on his own label, Young & Green Records, in a CD first edition, limited and silkscreen-printed at home by Vitterbo. Always a little bit DIY…

Thanks to Morgan for the translation !


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